Teaching Families About The Benefits Of Recycling

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How To Recycler Copper Wire And Get The Best Price

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Copper wire recycling has become a significant business in the recycling industry. Knowing where to take the wire and how to prepare it can affect the price you get for it on any given day. While the copper wire is worth money in nearly any condition, there are some ways to maximize the profit you can make with a little bit of work before you sell it. Copper’s Value Copper wire recycling has been around for a few years and the value of the copper changes with the supply. Read More»

How To Be Sure You're Getting The Maximum Amount When Selling Scrap Copper

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You might like the idea of metal recycling because you know that it’s environmentally friendly, but another thing that you might like about it is the fact that it can help you put some money in your pocket, too. If you know a little bit about metal recycling, you probably know that some metals are more valuable than others and are typically able to fetch a higher price. For example, you might have some copper, and you might be aware of the fact that scrap copper can be more valuable than other metals. Read More»

Recycling The Grease From Your Restaurant

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If you are responsible for managing a restaurant, you will likely have to invest a considerable amount of effort into managing the grease that is being produced by the business. Luckily, there are grease recycling services that can assist you with pumping your restaurant’s traps when they become full. How Will You Know Whether Your Grease Traps Are Becoming Full? The capacity of your grease traps will vary depending on their design, and this will make it necessary for you to periodically check the grease traps to verify whether or not they are approaching capacity. Read More»