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How To Be Sure You're Getting The Maximum Amount When Selling Scrap Copper

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You might like the idea of metal recycling because you know that it's environmentally friendly, but another thing that you might like about it is the fact that it can help you put some money in your pocket, too. If you know a little bit about metal recycling, you probably know that some metals are more valuable than others and are typically able to fetch a higher price. For example, you might have some copper, and you might be aware of the fact that scrap copper can be more valuable than other metals. Because of this, you might be hoping that you will get the maximum amount for your copper. These tips might help you with this.

Find a Metal Recycling Company That Regularly Deals With Copper

Pretty much any metal recycling company that you take your copper to will probably be willing to pay you cash for it. However, some companies deal with more copper than others, and you will probably find that these companies can help you get more money for your copper. You can always call ahead to find out whether or not the company regularly purchases copper, and they should be willing to tell you about the rates that they are willing to pay for copper, too.

Make Sure Your Copper Is Clean and Separated

If your copper is not separated from other metals, then you will probably be paid the rate for the cheaper metal instead of the copper rate, even if you have much more copper than anything else. Additionally, if there is rubber or other materials mixed in with your copper, you will probably be paid less, too. Therefore, your copper should be clean and separated when you take it to the recycling company if you want to get as much for it as possible.

Bring More at One Time

If you are someone who often has access to copper that needs to be recycled -- such as if you work in certain sectors of the construction industry -- then you might want to wait until you have a larger amount of copper to sell at one time. This can help you get more money for an obvious reason, since you will be paid based on how much copper you bring in, and bringing in more copper can obviously help you get more money. However, some copper recycling companies actually pay out a higher amount per pound to those who bring them more copper at one time, so if you bring all of your copper at once, you might have more room to negotiate for a higher amount.

To learn more, contact a local copper recycling service.