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Recycling The Grease From Your Restaurant

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If you are responsible for managing a restaurant, you will likely have to invest a considerable amount of effort into managing the grease that is being produced by the business. Luckily, there are grease recycling services that can assist you with pumping your restaurant's traps when they become full.

How Will You Know Whether Your Grease Traps Are Becoming Full?

The capacity of your grease traps will vary depending on their design, and this will make it necessary for you to periodically check the grease traps to verify whether or not they are approaching capacity. Fortunately, these systems will be designed to make this an easy task by including a gauge or meter that can easily be checked to determine the capacity of the trap. Failing to empty the grease traps when they become full can have dire consequences for the plumbing, as it will allow grease to escape and enter the plumbing lines.

Is It Expensive To Use A Grease Recycling Service?

A grease recycling service can be one of the most convenient solutions for having your restaurant's grease traps cleaned. These professionals will have powerful pumping systems that can rapidly remove the grease from the traps. While there will be a cost involved with using these services, it will be extremely affordable. Furthermore, it is important to consider the costs that are involved with failing to keep the grease traps properly maintained. Once these repair costs are considered, the minor fees associated with hiring these services will be inconsequential. Depending on the service that you use, the recycling service may charge a flat fee for emptying the grease traps, or they may charge a fee based on the size of the grease trap that is needing to be emptied.

Can You Only Recycle Grease From The Traps?

Grease recycling services will most often be used to remove and process the grease that is in the traps. While these may represent the bulk of the grease that your restaurant needs to have processed, you may also need to periodically change the oil in the fryers. This can result in a large amount of old oil that can be difficult to process. Luckily, a grease recycling service will be able to retrieve this oil from your restaurant for you. Generally, these services can provide a dumpster or other large storage container that can hold the oil until it is time for it to be picked up by the recycling service. This can be the easiest option for disposing of the grease when it is time to replace the oil in your restaurant's fryers.