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You'll Find Many Uses For Landscape Rocks In Your Yard Projects

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If you're landscaping your yard and want to add permanent color and texture, think about using landscaping rocks. Rocks are ideal for landscaping projects and you can use them in different ways. Plus, you can have landscape rocks delivered to your home which makes them easy to use. Here are some ideas for landscaping with rocks.

Make An Area For Your Fire Pit

If you don't have a concrete slab for your fire pit to rest on, you can create an area made of landscaping rocks. The pit itself needs to rest on a surface that resists heat, so rocks are perfect, and you can surround it with a wide border of rocks that extends behind the seating so you don't have to worry about sparks causing a grass fire. Plus, you can create an artistic design for your pit with pebbles such as a big circle, square, or rectangle that also includes other large rocks or flat rocks for stepping stones.

Use Colorful Rocks For Mulch

If you don't like to fuss over your plants and flowers, then adding rock mulch is a good idea. Wood chips will deteriorate over time so you constantly need to replace them. Rocks will stay in place for a long time and they add a nice contrast to green plants due to their different texture and color. Rocks hold moisture in the ground just like any other type of mulch. Buy small river rocks or beach pebbles and rain and irrigation water will run through them into the soil so your plants stay healthy.

Fill In Areas Under Shade Trees

If you have a hard time growing grass in an area where several trees are planted, then you might put rocks down instead. Try red lava rocks for a splash of color. By covering the ground with landscaping rocks, you won't have to deal with muddy puddles, scraggly grass, or weeds that make the area unattractive when grass won't thrive.

Create A Driveway Border

Your driveway might look more attractive with a border alongside it and by using rocks, the rain will roll off the asphalt and drain away. A border along the driveway adds a color contrast and it keeps the mower from chipping at the sides of the asphalt. You might even create an extra parking space next to your driveway with the landscape rocks so you don't have to park your car on the grass when you have company.

Landscape rocks not only last a long time, they cut down on the areas of your yard that you need to mow and maintain. Rocks are great for creating borders wherever you need them. Visit a landscape supply company to pick out your rocks and take the dimensions of the spaces where you'll place the rocks along with you. The company can calculate how many rocks you need to have delivered to your property for your projects.

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