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Suggestions For Starting A Recycling Program For Your Industrial Plastic Waste

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If you operate a large industrial plant, then your facility probably generates a lot of plastic waste. You may not realize just how much plastic you throw out until you've done an audit. Everything from plastic pallet wrappers to hard plastic waste on a manufacturing line can be recycled and kept out of the landfill. Here are some industrial plastic recycling solutions you might want to consider.

Bring In A Recycling Company For An Audit

Before you begin a recycling program, it's helpful to know how much plastic waste you generate and what type of plastic it is. Once you know these facts, you'll have an idea of how to proceed with the recycling process. Plus, you can estimate the value of the rebates you will get so you can determine if the recycling program will be profitable for you.

Learn The Regulations You Must Follow

Different recycling companies have different procedures. Procedures can also vary according to the amount of plastic waste you generate. The easiest way to deal with plastic waste is to toss it all in a dumpster and let the company sort it. However, that might not be possible. You might have to sort and bale the waste yourself if you have a lot of it. Doing this can also result in higher rebates.

Decide If You Will Sort Waste

Different types of plastic have different values for a recycling company. If you produce valuable plastic waste, it could be worth it financially if you sort it yourself, clean it, and bale it so it brings in the most money. You may not have an option when it comes to sorting plastic, but if this is something you have to do or want to do, then there are ways to set up a system so it isn't difficult or time consuming.

Collecting the waste at its source is one way to keep plastic products separate. Collect plastic waste as it comes off the manufacturing line and collect shrink wrap as it's removed from pallets. This requires placing several containers throughout your building, but this makes it easier to deal with different types of plastic waste than if you dump it all in a dumpster and sort it later.

Determine If You'll Package The Waste

Your recycling center might provide a baler or you can buy one. It can be beneficial to compress and bale plastic waste since it will reduce the size of waste so more can be stored in the same place and more can be hauled off at once. Even shrink wrap holds onto air and it takes up a lot of volume if it's thrown out without being compressed. The recycling center you choose can help you determine the best way to process your plastic for transport.

Another thing to consider is if you'll need to clean the plastic. This may not be necessary depending on the type of operation you have. If you're looking to save money or make money with your plastic recycling efforts, then providing clean plastic that is sorted by type and compressed for easy transportation could be the best choice. Of course, you also have to factor in the cost in supplies and employee time that's devoted to recycling. There are many factors to consider, so coming up with a recycling plan with the help of a professional is a good place to start.