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2 Tips To Make Garbage Removal Easy For An Elderly Relative

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As your relatives get older, it can become more difficult for them to complete ordinary tasks. Things like washing dishes, making the bed and throwing out the garbage can feel like a real chore. When it comes to garbage removal, things can quickly pile up and make a mess. Therefore, it is important to help them remove their garbage regularly. If you do not live with them, then it can be difficult to help take care of their garbage removal needs. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use to ensure your elderly relative does not have any issues when it comes to garbage removal.

Hire a Luxury Garbage Removal Service

If your relative has a home, then their garbage removal process probably consists of placing the garbage in the trash bin and rolling it out to the street. This is easily a labor intensive process. Therefore, you should hire a luxury garbage removal service for your relative. This service often does not require the use of bins and will pick up the trash directly from your home. Luxury garbage removal services are often privately run and are not run through your city. Therefore, you will need to contact a company directly in order to set up the service. In addition, the service may be a bit more expensive than traditional garbage removal.

Notify the City About Your Relative's Condition

Many urban cities have methods in place to make it easier for disabled and older citizens to take care of their garbage needs. If you notify the city about your relative's condition, then they will flag their home as a senior citizen home. When this happens, the trash collector will retrieve the trash from the elderly person's home. However, many cities have restrictions on who qualifies. If your elderly relative has another abled bodied adult living in their home, then they will not be able to take advantage of this service. Instead, they will need to have the able bodied adult take care of the trash needs. This is done in an effort to prevent homes from abusing the service. If your relative lives in a rural city, then it may be more difficult to find a garbage removal service offered by the city.

Garbage removal can easily be taxing for anyone but is especially harder the older you get. Make things a little easier for your relative by setting up a garbage removal service.