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What Happens To Your Trash Once It Leaves Your Curb

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It can be easy to forget about your trash once it has been picked up and your trash can has been emptied. However, your trash does not just disappear after it is picked up outside of your home. Your waste management company has to do something with your trash; here are the top three ways of getting rid of your trash that waste management companies employ.

Dumped At The Landfill

Many waste management companies take your trash straight to your local landfill. Once they get to the landfill, they simply dump the trash that they picked up that day into the landfill. Most landfills rotate where the trash is dumped every day. This helps them evenly spread the trash out over the landfill and it also helps them have more control of the decomposition process.

Most landfills use a similar method to control the trash that is dumped there every day. They use equipment to spread out the trash, then they use additional equipment to smash and compact the trash. Finally, they put a layer of dirt on top of the trash to help with the decomposition process. Then, they repeat the process again and again.

Burned Up

Other waste management companies burn their trash through an incineration process. All the trash that is picked up every day is burned. The energy that is created through burning the trash is sometimes stored and used to create usable energy for your community. Other times, the energy that is created is simply released.

This process creates a lot of ash; this ash may then be taken to a landfill. One of the major ideas behind the incineration process of trash is that it greatly reduces the amount of trash in landfills and reduces the amount of space needed in a landfill to deal with the trash that is generated every day.

Sorted And Recycled

Finally, some waste management companies take all of their trash and put it through a sorting and recycling process. This allows them to pull out materials that can be reused again. Many waste management companies then resell these materials to other businesses that turn your trash into usable material again.

Whatever cannot be recycled is then take to the local landfill. This process reduces the amount of waste that goes into the landfill each day and also ensures that all the resources and material that are thrown away are properly used each day.

Call your waste management company today and find out what they do with your trash. If you want to reduce your impact on the environment, but your waste management company does not sort and recycle your trash, you may want to look into other waste management companies in your area. Contact a company like B-P Trucking Inc to get started.